MessiahNet Banner Exchange  

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MessiahNet Banner Exchange

What it is...

  • The MessiahNet Banner Exchange is a free banner exchange for Messianic ministries and Christian ministries who have a love for Israel and the Jewish people, and support and encourage Jewish believers in the Messiah.
  • The banner or associated site does not need to be Messianic in nature. However, because of the needs of some Messianic sites to be sensitive to non-believing visitors, you will have the option of choosing a "Messianic-only" track where only other Messianic Banners will be displayed on your site.

  • Participation in this banner exchange indicates agreement with our statement of faith.
  • All banners have an equal chance of being displayed on another website. There is no weighting.
  • Your banner will be displayed once on another participating website for every banner you show on yours.
  • Every new account will be giving a starting credit of 1,000 exposures. Questions? Comments?
Technical Stuff

  • All banner submissions will go through an approval process before activation. The activation period is typically within a week.
  • Banners must be 400x40 pixels and no more than 7k. Acceptable file formats are .jpg, .gif and animated .gif.
  • You can edit your banner profile at any time.
  • You can change your banner at any time, either by uploading a new banner or changing the URL.
  • Daily and overall stats are available for you to see how your banner is doing -- to see if your banner design is working for you!