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  Devotional Sample—The Gospels  

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Devotionals from the Gospels are published on the fifth day of the week (Thursday). These always seem to have a very pertinent word for our daily walk as believers in Yeshua.


“Whoever falls on that stone will be broken in pieces; but if it falls on him, he will be crushed to powder!” Luke 20:18

We often think of brokenness as a condition we are left in after the world has had its way with us—that we come to Yeshua broken, asking Him to put us back together. When we allow the world to break us, we come to Yeshua with a pile of pieces that have been broken by human hands, asking the Master to reform them, but if we allow Yeshua to break us, the pieces are formed by His hands, and we cannot dictate the pattern with which we will be reconstructed.

What does it mean to be truly broken? Why do we need to be broken at all? We are all going to fall at some time or another—the question is: when we fall, are we going to be on the stone or under it? When we fall, do we want the Lord to be able to pick us up again, or will we be completely annihilated? When we fall, are we falling to our knees in reverence and worship, or are we falling from heights reached by our own avarice?

Everyone will fall one day or another because of Yeshua. Those who fall in humility will be broken on the stone and transformed into a vessel of honor. Those who erect themselves and reject the cornerstone—their kingdoms will fall and become dust.

Brokenness is being on your knees before the Lord—even when it starts getting a little uncomfortable. Brokenness is spreading out your arms, exposing your heart, and, looking up toward heaven, saying, “I’m available.” Brokenness is standing naked and still in the midst of your circumstances and proclaiming, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want...” Brokenness is praising God, even when you don’t feel like it. Brokenness is hearing the Holy Spirit and not putting up a fight.


Abba Father, I have become rigid and dry, break me and change me into a holy vessel, worthy of your service. Teach me now what it means to be broken before you before I fall on my own. I would rather be broken by you than whole in the world. Thank you, Lord, that you are the Master Architect, and you see me now as I am supposed be. Reshape me in your image, Lord—use me as you see fit, because I love you, and I trust you completely....

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