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  Devotional Sample—The Prophets  

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Devotionals from the Prophets are published on the second day of the week (Monday). In the original canon to which Yeshua often refers when speaking of the Scriptures, the Prophets consists of the second major section of the Bible. The Prophets include the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the twelve "minor" prophets.

Sun Stand Still

“Then, on the day Adonai handed over the Emori to the people of Isra’el, Y’hoshua (Joshua) spoke to Adonai; in the sight of Isra’el he said, ‘Sun, stand motionless over Giv’on! Moon, you too, over Ayalon Valley!’ So the sun stood still and the moon stayed put, till Isra’el took vengeance on their enemies. This is written in the book of Yashar. The sun stood still in the sky and was in no rush to set for nearly a whole day. There has never been a day like that before or since, when Adonai listened to the voice of man; it happened because Adonai was fighting on Isra’el’s behalf.” Y’hoshua (Joshua) 10:12-14

Has God stopped being God? Can we still expect him to fight on behalf of his redeemed? And if so, can we still expect him to listen to the voice of a man? And if so, can we still expect him to perform supernatural feats to cause us to enter into victory?

Y’hoshua (Joshua) had an advantage in warfare that we don’t seem to have today—he was able to see not just his enemies, but the physical manifestation of God’s provision; however, he expected total success because he put the presence of God before him in every battle. Today, our true enemy is hidden—not seen with the naked eye—and we have to take God’s word for it when he says the enemy is defeated... indeed, who expects they can speak to Adonai that the sun will stand still and it will be?

The truth is, however, that Y’hoshua operated in a greater degree of faith than many of us do today. Just because he was able to assess his foes and receive his redemption with the five senses it did not diminish his faith in the unseen—on the contrary, the intensity of the physical manifestation was directly related to the amount of faith Y’hoshua put in Adonai. Y’hoshua had no faith in the people of Isra’el, his own abilities, or the inabilities of his enemies—Y’hoshua’s faith was completely in Adonai... that He was who He said He was, and He would do what He said He would do.

The Word of God is available to us to remind us of what God is capable of and willing to do. It’s a good thing for our faith to be based in the truth that the Holy Scriptures reveal. But sometimes, our faith needs to go beyond what we know God can do—what we know he’s done before—and trust Him to do something new. Look what Adonai did for Isra’el that day under Y’hoshua’s leadership—”there has never been a day like that before or since.” Today, the Lord wants to do something for you—something that “has never been” before today. Adonai is listening to the voice of a man—you—and he wants to fight on your behalf. Are you prepared for your faith to grow where it “has never been” before?


Adonai, I praise your Holy Name—maker of the universe, designer of all the heavenly bodies... only you can make the sun rise and set, and halt in mid—air. Lord, prepare me to have faith like Y’hoshua’s faith—the kind of faith that can say, “Sun, be still” and expect it to be so. Teach me to expect your supernatural provision, and to broaden my mind to expect even that which I have never seen. Thank you, Abba Father for your creative response to my little faith. Build me up, Lord, that I may put my whole trust only in you....

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